Wyff'r Aroma Pop Top - 1pcs

Wyff'r Aroma Pop Top - 1pcs


Below you will find a number of Best Practices you should follow as it relates to your Wyff'r in relation to the bottle it's attached to:


  • The Wyff'r should never be left on the bottle for an extended period of time
  • Keep the bottle in an upright position at all times
  • Always replace the red storage cap after each use
  • Never should the Wyff'r be used during transportation or storage
  • When shaking the bottle, hold the top down securely with your finger
  • Do not overtighten the Wyff'r as this may morph the shape of the cap
  • The Wyff'r isn't intended to last forever so replace as needed
  • Should the inner gasket dislodge itself from the cap, re-insert the rubber washer with the beveled side pointing away from the bottle, towards the flip top lid


Wyff'r is not intended for long-term storage nor is it suitable for travel.
Always reunite your bottles native cap after every use.


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